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1, project feasibility study, project demonstration, engineering design, consulting, engineering contracting, construction, equipment installation, transformation.
2, 30-5000 tons / day full computer automatic control pre pressing, expansion, peeling, pretreatment production line.
3, 50-5000 tons / day full computer automatic oil extraction production line.
4, 30-900 tons / day full computer automatic control oil continuous physical (chemical) refining production line.
5, 50-1000 tons / day of winter, all computer controlled production line dewaxing, fractionation.
6, 30-500 tons / day full computer automatic control low temperature process technology production line.
7, 50-600 tons / day full automatic computer cold pressed peanut oil and peanut oil cold filter production line.
8, 20-500 kg/, oryzanol production line.
9, 10-100 tons / day bio diesel production line.
10, 20-100 tons / day fatty acid distillation production line.
11, 30-1000 tons / day of the whole computer castor oil pre pressing, leaching, refining production line.

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